Palatal ("Upper") Expanders

Palatal Expander Palatal Expander

Mandibular ("Lower") Expander

Palatal Expander

Expanders widen your jaws by applying gentle pressure to your teeth and jaws. They are indicated for patients who need development of the jaws to allow teeth to come in to their proper positions and to coordinate the size and shape of one jaw to the other. There are palatal ("upper") expanders and mandibular ("lower") expanders. We offer state-of-the-art, self-activating expanders that fit much better into everyone's busy lifestyle, as there is no longer the need to turn them at home. Additionally, these expanders are significantly more comfortable than their predecessors, since the forces they apply are so light. Usually in place for 10-12 Months, our expanders can be used alone or in conjunction with braces. While wearing expanders, patients are responsible for keeping them clean and for treating them with care, including choosing the proper foods to eat, so that the expanders do not become loose or damaged.