Office Visits

Your first visit to WingHaven® Orthodontics is a time for Dr. Held to get to know you, review your main concerns, collect additional information for your orthodontic needs, diagnose your case, propose an ideal treatment plan custom-tailored to you, and review finances.

Dr. Held believes that patients will feel more comfortable when they know what to expect and are well informed of a procedure before it occurs. She tries to avoid any unexpected surprises and lets each person know everything that is going to be done.

At your first visit, you will be greeted by Dr. Held, and initial paperwork will be finalized. Next, diagnostic records (photos and an X-ray) will be taken to assist Dr. Held in determining the best course of treatment. Dr. Held will coordinate with your general dentist’s office and only take X-rays that their team has not recently taken.

Once Dr. Held has studied the diagnostic records and the exam, she will develop a custom treatment plan just for you. If she determines that orthodontic treatment is necessary, Dr. Held will have a consultation with you to discuss your treatment needs, treatment time, and the cost for your particular case. This entire initial appointment is complimentary.

If you or your child is still developing and is not yet ready for treatment, Dr. Held will recommend remaining in a complimentary observation phase, during which Dr. Held will follow growth and development to determine the appropriate time for treatment. During this phase, Dr. Held will be monitoring facial development, jaw growth, and the bite, as well as the transitioning of the teeth.

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