What is a Unique Boutique?

Custom and Catered Treatment

Dr. Held will personally diagnose your case, create a treatment plan for you, and see you at every adjustment visit until your new smile has been achieved. She is your main point of contact; whether via text, , or call, you will always be in direct contact with Dr. Held.

Dr. Held also personally places all of the brackets on the teeth because ideal bracket placement is a crucial step in creating your beautiful, healthy smile!

In addition to Dr. Held diagnosing your case and providing the treatment personally, you also get a personal report at each visit and along the journey of your treatment.

A Warm Environment

Dr. Held strives to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere, where patients and their families know that their needs are of supreme importance. She treats everyone with dignity, respect, and appreciation. Her purpose is not only to straighten teeth, but also to improve lives through a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Dr. Held’s practice vision includes having a classy, safe, and fun office. From the interior decoration, to the computer check-in, to the iPads for games, to the memory foam chairs, to the cleanliness, to the educational aids, to the bulletin board and communication board, to the website, to the privacy compliance, and to the celebratory spirit, you will experience the WingHaven® Orthodontics Difference.

Five-Star Service

WingHaven® Orthodontics is known for the incredible level of service that is provided and for the fabulous results that are achieved. Check out the Before and After page to see some amazing smiles created by Dr. Held!

Dr. Held’s Unique Boutique for Orthodontics is not a high-volume practice. Instead, Dr. Held offers a more personal type of treatment, where she gets to know you personally. Her office is not a mill, and you’ll never feel like just a number.

Orthodontics is a journey, and it is more enjoyable to go on a journey with friendly people. Throughout every step of your journey with Dr. Held, she will do everything possible to make your orthodontic treatment fun, efficient, effective, and safe.

Emphasis on Hygiene

To reinforce the importance of oral hygiene, Dr. Held reviews effective home care at every appointment, educates in a positive manner, and encourages excellent cleaning to prevent scarring, cavities, and gum disease.

Expertise in Orthodontic Technology

The current world of orthodontics is very exciting, with new state-of-the-art technologies being developed at a rapid pace. Dr. Held endeavors to stay at the forefront of what is available and proven in orthodontics. At WingHaven® Orthodontics, Dr. Held sees patients of all ages and offers a variety of treatment options, depending on the needs of those patients.

Dr. Held is highly trained in the latest orthodontic technology, including early treatment, self-activating expanders, the Physiodynamic® System, and Invisalign® treatment, and is proud to offer state-of-the-art imaging with the Planmeca ProMax S3 X-ray.

Breaking ground for WingHaven® Orthodontics in 2003

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